Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HELP! 147/365

I am not at all happy with this picture. I should have taken a picture of the fabulous pizza we ordered for dinner from Pizza Fusion tonight. Their pizza box states "this organic & all-natural pizza was delivered in a hybrid".

It was another day (after day, after day, after day) of studying for those damn Standard of Learning tests. It doesn't make sense to me that this 10-year-old has to give up outside play after school (for the month of May) because she has to study for these tests that are supposed to give the State of Virginia and idea of what she learned IN school this year. By making the kids do this much work to study for the SOLs after school every day tells me they didn't learn enough while they were at school.


  1. Good guys need to move (back) to Minnesota and go to a regular old public school! I get stressed out just reading about Jordan's studying!

  2. That's not Jordan's IB studying I'm complaining about. I would be okay with all the work if it was, knowing that she's getting the exceptional education that goes along with the IB curriculum. That standardized test studying we've been doing is for fourth grade public school - surprised?!