Saturday, May 23, 2009

Elliott Yamin. 143/365

Meeting Elliott Yamin today was so great! He and Jordan discussed their diabetes and we all took pictures with him. My favorite picture is of Elliott and Jordan proudly showing their matching insulin pumps (his idea). I posted that pic on my Scraps of Inspiration blog - go check it out!


  1. OH, How cute! I like the pics on the Scraps blog, this guy sounds like a great person. Jordan, you look a little smitten, is he as cute in person as he looks in the pics?

  2. Elliott Yamin is as adorable in person as he is in his pics...and generous with his time, and humble in his personality, and most importantly, the most talented performer to come along in quite a while. Kudos to Elliott for taking time to meet with his fans and show the humility we have all come to know and love!!!!