Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pay Day - Old School. 97/365

When I bought the new Pay Day game for my kids a few years back, I didn't think there was THAT much difference between the version they play and the version Rachel and I played way back in the olden days. I won an auction on Ebay - I was looking for a Gambler game to buy and I found one in a lot with four other games (Pay Day, Masterpiece, Dungeon Dice, and Hang Man). There is a whole world of difference between these two versions!! What fun it is to look back on these oldies but goodies. Rachel and I played more than our share of Pay Day and Hang Man back in the day!

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  1. I remember that game being in the house as a kid, but don't recall the details. I probably wasn't allowed to play. It stunk being the baby by 4 years sometimes.