Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We finally made it.

After 35 hours of travelling we're needing clean clothes and a shower.  Since the hotel wasn't ready for us yet, we took a quick bus tour around Sydney. 

We didn't get to see Tuesday February 2nd since we crossed the International Date Line in the middle of the night on Monday and landed in Sydney early Wednesday morning, so there won't be a picture for "yesterday".


  1. Wow! Lucky you! I hear it's summer there...

    And I think it's funny how you got out of yesterday's pic "on a technicality"... Have a great time!

  2. soooo jealous. I so want to visit Australia (Melbourne mostly).

    And it's a riot that you missed 2/2. That's the day I started my 365 back in '08 in a tip of the cap to the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. No risk of having the day repeat over and over when you run away from it by crossing the dateline!