Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Market Day. 35/365

We're never ahead of schedule at our house. Jordan announced late last night that Thursday is Market Day in Spanish class. Any student that wants to sell something can and students can buy items with the Pesos they've accumulated during the past nine weeks. Last time Jordan sold friendship bracelets - they were a huge hit. This time she's selling "Little Dudes". Since we got such a late start - I sewed eyes, Jordan sewed everything else, and Maddie stuffed them - there are only 15 of them available. If they go well, she'll get a jump start on the next Market Day (I hope).


  1. I must say, Jordan certainly got Alice's creativeness! Ask her if I can buy one...

  2. they are cute - could become all the rage at school, the must have item of the spring!